How it Works offers a simple way to connect with top doctors & clinics in your neighborhood, allowing you to take a step forward and discover doctors, clinics, hospitals, medical tests & information related to disease.

1. Create an Account

How it WorksCreating an account with is easy, with the social login feature it allows you to login easily, so that they you’t have the “login/register” friction. You’ll be creating, rating and favoriting listings in no time!

2. Submit/Add Your Doctor/Hospital Listing

How it Works
Submitting a listing using is super simple, we’ve made entering the address of your place easy, when using our Google Places API plugin  it will auto complete the listing address.

You can even fully customize your submission form either using PHP code using this tutorial or by installing the Form Editor plugin this gives you full control over the display of the fields that are shown on your submission form.

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