India’s Spectacular Medical Advances Around the World


Due to the sheer quantity of physicians that India generates concerning the rest of the globe, and not simply because of population density, India is already a giant in the medical field. If you look back, India has always had a stellar reputation in the medical industry. It was the first country in the world to recognise the use of medications to treat illnesses. Even today, the knowledge of ancient Indian medical traditions remains the foundation for most contemporary medications. It has attracted the youth toward medical Science. Therefore, the participation of students is increasing so is the competition. If you, too, want to start your NEET exam preparation, then you must know India’s most incredible medical contribution to the world.

Learn About India’s Contribution to the Field of Medical Science

There is enough evidence that India, with its rich cultural legacy, has been at the forefront in contributing to medical knowledge. The history of Indian medicine dates back to the Vedic era. The Ashwinikumars practised medicine at the time and were accorded a heavenly position. In addition, Dhanvantari, a God of Medicine, exists.

The Atharvaveda is one of India’s first texts to discuss medicine. Additionally, the Atharvaveda has herbal remedies for diseases. Today, a substantial portion of Ayurveda is composed of plants to cure illnesses. Therefore, the most suitable candidate is selected through NEET. Let’s see India’s contribution to medicines:


It is one of the most ancient forms of medicine. In 800 BC, Atreya and Agnivesa dealt with the principles of Ayurveda. The first Ayurvedic collection is credited to the Charaka Samhita. He was the first doctor to propose the idea of immunity, metabolism, and digestion. He researched the human body and provided treatments for various illnesses.


In the north, Ayurveda flourished, but the south people couldn’t rely on it due to the lack of herbs. Therefore, Siddha Saint came up with their resolution, Siddha medicines. If you are an aspirant and have started your NEET preparation, then you must have a thorough knowledge of medical Science’s history and our country’s contribution to the same field.

Plastic surgery 

In 2000 BC, plastic surgery was carried out in India. However, the method we use today is different from the earlier. The tools and instruments mentioned in the books are yet to develop in the 21st century.

Taking Care of Visceral Leishmaniasis

Urea Stibamine, a remedy for Visceral Leishmaniasis—more widely known as black fever—was developed in 1929 by Upendra Nath Brahmachari. He received a Nobel Prize in Medicine nomination due to his discovery. Even though he was not given the prize, his discovery has resulted in the elimination of Black Fever, except for a very small number of developing countries.
There are numerous other discoveries and inventions of our county in medicine. If you are curious to be part of them, you must clear the most prestigious NEET exam. However, the exam is tough, but you must start preparing from class 11 to clear the exam in your first attempt.

Tips for NEET Exam Preparation

NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) is one of the toughest exams if you want to pursue your carer in the field of Medical Science. Below mentioned points are the tips you must follow to prepare for the examination:

Check the Syllabus of NEET Exam

Before enrolling on any online coaching for NEET , it is important to have an in-depth knowledge of the NEET syllabus as it will give you a general idea of how to start your preparation and give more effort to the topics that overlap with your board’s exam syllabus.

Previous Year’s Question Paper for NEET Exam 2023

Always check the previous year’s question paper to develop an idea about the question pattern, marking scheme, important topics etc.

Plan Well For NEET Exam Preparation

To clear the exam, solid planning is essential. Once you understand the syllabus, you must plan accordingly and need to manage your time effectively.

Effective Strategy 

Choosing a practical and efficient plan is a critical phase that students should never skip. The chapter carries the most weightage always start with it. Some subjects demand more memory than others and take longer to prepare for.

Consult Best Books For NEET Preparation

Since students must learn from authentic sources, reading good books from reliable authors and publisher are important. NCERT books are used when studying biology for the NEET exam.

Don’t Take Pressure for NEET Exam

Don’t panic and commit silly mistakes. Always manage your time to prepare for your board’s and NEET exams simultaneously.

If you are in search of guidance for NEET exam preparation. In that case,, you must hire a tutor from online tutoring services as it offers the best educational facilities to the students, such as 24*7 student support, live interactive sessions and much more.

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