Glucon D: Uses,Side Effects, Price, Benefits, Dosage & Substitutes

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Read Glucon D uses, benefits, side effects, price, dosage, components, salts and other things. The name of the company that manufactures Glucon D in India is Heinz India Pvt. Ltd. Glucon D is a major combination of vitamin D, Dextrose, Calcium and phosphorus. Glucon D is available at Medical Stores in India at Rs, 57.00 for 250 gm.

Medicine NameGlucon D
Composition/Saltsvitamin D, Dextrose, Calcium and phosphorus
Medicine PriceRs, 57.00 for 250 gm
ManufacturerHeinz India Pvt. Ltd

Glucon D is an instant energy drink which fulfill the body with essential minerals that are required for providing activeness. Glucon D is a beverage that is mostly used in summer season it keeps your body hydrate and prevents your body from dehydration .This drink is available in various flavours that are ; tangy orange, nimbu paani , and mango punch .Glucon D powder contain glucose and sucrose as main key ingredient. Read the label carefully before the usage of This energy drink . Glucon D is manufactured or marketed by Heinz India Pvt. Ltd.

Glucon D: Uses,Side Effects, Price, Benefits,  Dosage & Substitutes

Uses of Glucon D:

Glucon D is generally used to provide instant energy to the body and it helps in fulfilling the nutritional requirement of the body. Some of the major and minor uses of Glucon D are –

  • Helps in Maintaining the Blood Glucose Level
  • Provides Instant Energy to the Body
  • Prevents Body from Dehydration
  • Lowers Down the Body Temperature in Summer and provides cool.
  • increase the Performance and Energy Level of the Body.
  • Prevents Weakness and Fatigue
  • Fulfills the Nutritional Requirements of the Body.

Glucon-D contains glucose that recharges body glucose and fills you with the energy expected to remain dynamic. It is effortlessly consumed by the body, hence giving out a moment jolt of energy and reward.

Right Way to Use Glucon D:

Glucon D is an instant energy providing drink and it is used by every age group of people. Generally two spoons of Glucon D is mixed in 1 glass or 300 ml of water, you can add sugar as well as per your choice. Glucon D can be taken at any as per your choice before or after having the meal. It is generally advised to carry a bottle of water and Glucon D mixed in it consume it in between the training session or whenever you require energy or if you want coolness in your body during summer.

Components of Glucon D:

Glucon D consists of dextrose as its main and active ingredient and it is formed with the amalgamation of various Vitamins and Minerals. All the major and minor components of Glucon D are –

  • Vitamin D – It helps in treating and preventing Vitamin D deficiencies and disorders orders associated with it. It helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body and thus it helps in the strengthening the bones and treats osteoporosis.
  • Dextrose – Dextrose is a form of glucose and it is commonly used for the treatment of lower blood sugar level in the body. It is also used in food items and drinks as a sweetener. It is also helpful in providing instant energy to the body.
  • Calcium and Phosphorus – Calcium and Phosphorus helps in maintaining a good bone structure and the health of bones. They also help in preventing calcium and phosphorus deficiencies and other disorders associated with it.

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Side Effects of Glucon D:

Glucon D is generally taken by the children and it does not contain any harmful ingredient which can cause any side effect to the body. Glucon D is considered pretty safe for everyone. However, some physicians say that this drink can cause some side effects in long term use. Some of the minor side effects of Glucon D are –

  • Frequent Urination
  • Increases Blood Glucose Level
  • Obesity
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting

GluconD on customary use will expand large amount of sugar in your blood; which will compel additional glucose to change over into fat. So you will be greasy.

Furthermore, taking glucose everyday will expand your risk of having Diabetes likewise with standard admission of plain glucose, the instrument of support of proportion of glucose and insulin is upset.

Then, high blood glucose will bring about solidifying of your conduits which will prompt numerous heart sicknesses.

Warnings & Precautionss While Using Glucon D:

Glucon D is considered pretty safe for everyone as it does not contain any harmful ingredients but always check the labels of the pack of Glucon D carefully. Always tell your physician about your medical history or allergies.

  • Diabetic patient should generally use less quantity of Glucon D.
  • Do not overuse or overdose Glucon D without recommendation.
  • Pregnant and Lactating Women – Use Glucon D only if necessary in case of pregnant and lactating women as it can affect the infant adversely. Please consult your doctor before using this Glucon D.
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Frequently Asked Questions on Glucon D

  • Question. What are the components/composition of medicine name?Glucon D?
    Answer. Glucon D is the composition of vitamin D, Dextrose, Calcium and phosphorus.
  • Question. At what price Glucon D is available in India?
    Answer. Glucon D medicine is available at Rs, 57.00 for 250 gm in India.
  • Question. What information is available on Glucon D medicine in this article?
    Answer. In this aticle you'll get detailed information on Glucon D uses, price, side effects, composition and warnings. Along with this you'll get information on the medicines which are similar to Glucon D.

  • Question. Which company produce Glucon D medicine in India?
    Answer. Glucon D medicine is Manufactured by Heinz India Pvt. Ltd in India. Heinz India Pvt. Ltd is the official producer of Glucon D as per the print on the medicine.

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